Cymina 10 – EC 1L

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Cypermethrin 10%

CYMINA 10 is a concentrated insecticide based on Cypermethrin, effective for insects (reptiles and flies) of domestic and civil areas. Cypermethrin provides a rapid eradication effect, to which is added a residual potency that lasts up to 4 weeks. The formulation consists of an emulsifiable concentrate without volatile organic compounds.
CYMINA 10 is used in urban areas, boulevards and parks, suburban areas, tourist villages, campsites, houses, private and public buildings (hospitals, hotels, schools, shops, cinemas, barracks, etc.), means of transport (buses , trucks, trains, ships), industrial areas, landfills, in the textile and paper industries. CYMINA 10 can also be used in rural buildings, stables, garbage, animal shelters and hospitals, kitchens, bars, restaurants, canteens, food industry (dairy factory, cheese factory, butchers, empty warehouses and silos, tobacconists), having take care to remove food so that it is not contaminated. The use of the product is also recommended for eradicating mosquitoes from green areas, shrubs, lawns, hedges, tree-lined streets, ornamental plants. Do not use on or near plants intended for human and / or animal consumption. For the treatment of rural environments and stables, remove the animals before treatment.