Flytrin 6.14 ME

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Permethrin 6%, Tetramethrin 1%, PBO 4%.

FLYTRIN 6.14 is an insecticide-acaricide in water-based microemulsion with permethrin 6% and tetramethrin 1% synergized by piperonyl butoxide 4% that give the product a fast knock down effect and a prolonged residual action for flying and crawling  insects, indoor and outdoor including sensitive areas

Targeted insects: Mosquito & Tiger Mosquitos, Ants, Flees & Ticks, Flies, Cockroaches and Wasps

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FLYTRIN 6.14 ME. Permethrin 6%, Tetramethrin 1%, PBO 4%
For flying and crawling  insects, indoor and outdoor including sensitive areas

Flytrin 6.14 is indicated for the treatment of internal and external, civil, rural and industrial environments. It is used in urban agglomerations, suburban areas, tourist villages, campsites, houses (including cellars, garages and storage rooms), shops, public and private buildings, schools, kindergartens, barracks, cinemas, theatres, canteens, hotels, restaurants, kitchens, cafeterias, hospitals, nursing homes, rest homes, warehouses and deposits of foodstuffs, stalls, rural buildings, warehouses and locals for the production of cigarettes and stewing of tobaccos, environments and industrial areas (food, paper, textile, tobacco industries), waste deposits, means of transport (ships, trains, buses). The use of FLYTRIN 6.14 is also recommended for the treatment of green areas, tree-lined avenues, city parks, bushes and hedges, grassy carpets, ornamental plants for mosquito control only. FLYTRIN 6.14 è effective against flies (Musca domestica), mosquitos (Culex pipiens), tiger mosquitos (Aedes albopictus), wasps (Polistes SPP), cockroaches (Blatta orientalis and Blatella germanica), ants (Lasius niger), fleas and ticks (Ixodes ricinus).