Cymina Ultra EW 1L

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Cypermethrin 5%, Tetramethrin 1%, PBO 5%

CYMINA ULTRA is an insecticide-acaricide in water-based microemulsion who acts by contact and ingestion with a knocking down and flushing as well as residual action, intended for use against flying and crawling insects such as flies, mosquitoes (including the Asian tiger mosquito), horseflies, wasps, hornets, cockroaches, beetles, mites, fleas, bedbugs, ticks, scorpions, moths, weevils, etc. Used in urban areas, boulevards and city parks, suburban areas, resorts, campgrounds, housing (including basements, garages and closets), shops, public and private buildings, schools, kindergartens, barracks, cinemas, theaters , canteens, hotels, restaurants, kitchens, bars, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, warehouses and stores of food substances, stables, farm buildings, warehouses and premises used for the production of cigarettes and the stowage of tobacco products, environments, areas and industrial sectors (food, paper, textile, tobacco stores), waste storage, transportation (aircraft, ships, trains, buses). The use of Cymina ULTRA is also recommended to eradicate insects listed above into bushes, lawns, hedges, tree-lined avenues, ornamental plants.